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*  Sends image from inside of the trailer to smartphone or tablet in the truck while driving.
No WiFi connection or router are needed in the truck or trailer.
*  Recommended to be used in the trailers less than 25 ft. long, or any stock trailers.
* This camera works with your smartphone even when you have no cell phone service and
it DOES NOT use your data package
* You can continue to answer and talk on the phone while camera is running
*  Weatherproof metal casing for Indoor/outdoor use
* HD picture quality, Color video image (720p or 960p)
* Infrared night vision (up to 60 ft.)
*  Remote control lens (pan & tilt), zoom in-out
*  Intercom capability (Speaker & microphone are not included)
*  Snapshot or video recording, can be saved on SD card (SD card is not included)
*  Image mirror flip function available for behind-trailer cam view
*  Ceiling mount bracket
*  Outdoor booster antenna
*  Trailer lights power to power the camera, power adapter included
*   Free App download
*  When using the set as a barn cam, the camera needs to be set within customer’s router WiFi signal range, once setup, the image can be seen on smartphone worldwide
*  Lens angle preset up to 8 positions
*  Display screen , smartphone, tablet are not included,  the customers need to use their own devices to see the image